SP Fight Club


SP Fight Club

Our club offers an array of exciting games such as Lines of Robert expert, Kungfu, Shooting, Tirkaman, Rider Super bike race, car riding, and horse riding. Each of these games is designed to challenge and engage you, helping you push your limits and improve your skills.

Martial Arts

Include games such as Kungfu, Tirkaman, and Lines of Robert expert.


Include games such as Rider Super bike race and car riding.


Equestrian is a sport that involves horse riding and various other activities related to horses. At our sport club, we offer a range of equestrian activities, including horse riding lessons, trail rides, and jumping classes. Here's what you can expect from our equestrian programs

Special Events

Include one-time events such as charity fundraisers, Shooting  tournaments, and sports clinics.

Admission Open


Admission Fees 800,000/- Per Year
Dress ful Kit Price 100,000/-
Championship membership
Price 80,000




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